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In the development process of the Internet, the arrival of the Web 3.0 era marks the return of data ownership and control. In this new era, data is no longer just passive information, but has been given a higher value and can even become an asset that can be owned and controlled.
The Aquacity AI Discovery Conference & Workshop was an extraordinary gathering of brilliant minds, game-changers, and visionaries. From mesmerizing Thai cultural dancers to cutting-edge AI models, this event encapsulated the essence of innovation and sustainability.
We’re thrilled to announce that our partner ZEETOX has launched its whitelisting for the highly anticipated launch of the GREENGOLD testnet.
Greetings, blockchain enthusiasts! I am thrilled to share my experience as both a speaker and attendee at the prestigious Block on the Beach 2023 conference.
Are you someone who easily gets bored with playing the same game over and over again? Do you crave a platform that offers a variety of games in multiple versions, designed to satisfy your every gaming pleasure and at the same time give you an opportunity to earn?
Are you an entrepreneur looking for new ways to innovate your business and give your customers a unique and more immersive way to shop and interact with you? City of Dreams have the answer for you!
On February 6th, 2023, three terrible earthquakes with magnitudes of 7.8, 7.6, and 6.0 struck Turkey’s southern regions, causing widespread devastation in Turkey and neighboring Syria.
Block on the Beach is the must-attend event for blockchain enthusiasts and industry leaders alike. This highly anticipated gathering will bring together the brightest minds in the blockchain world to share their insights, experiences, and knowledge of the latest developments in this exciting technology.
Game guilds are communities of like-minded players who come together to share their love of a game and work towards common goals.