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Smiling-World: Together We Can Make a Difference

“On February 6th, 2023, three terrible earthquakes with magnitudes of 7.8, 7.6, and 6.0 struck Turkey’s southern regions, causing widespread devastation in Turkey and neighboring Syria. On February 7th, 2023, another 5.6 magnitude earthquake occurred. There have also been several aftershocks.

The earthquake caused enormous devastation and left many individuals homeless and in need of assistance…” Read more.

This is the news that shocked the whole world on that fateful morning as scenes of multiple destroyed buildings, people dead and trapped under the wreckage, and heartbreaking scenes of children being pulled out of the rubble without their parents were flashed on TV screens and on different social media platforms.  

As different countries and organizations all over the world called for help and mobilized their resources,  Bluewheel Capital together with Defination Studios responded and stepped forward to offer their help and support to those affected by the earthquake. 

They created a site “Smiling-World” to jumpstart the efforts to bring aid to the badly affected citizens of these lands, making a hopeful plea to anyone who can help. 

And several crypto and GameFi projects such as Age of Tanks, City of Dreams, BAGG, Cheersland, and AquaCity heed the call and have shown support for this endeavor.

Disaster relief funds collected will provide essential services like:

  • Emergency shelters such as tents or prefabricated structures for homeless people.
  • Food, water, and other essentials for disaster victims.
  • Medical aid such as first aid kits and medicine to injured people.
  • Reconstruction and rebuilding homes, schools, and public buildings destroyed by the disaster.
  • Psychological support to disaster victims to cope with trauma.  


Disaster relief funds will provide these essential services. Funds will be allocated according to community needs and available resources.

If you have the resources, Smiling-World is asking anyone who can help those who have lost so much in the earthquake.

If you are able to, please visit their website at to make a donation and support the relief efforts. No donation is too small, and every contribution will go a long way in helping those in need.

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