About us

A closer look at who we are and what we stand for.

About Us

We are Defination Studios

At DEFINATION Studios, we are on a mission to simplify the decentralized world. As a leader in blockchain and dApp development, we specialize in building for the Metaverse, Web3, GameFi, and NFT landscapes.

Our company has established a presence in both Singapore and Dubai, with teams from all around the world, working together to bring the power of decentralized technology, innovative solutions, and exceptional customer service. Our global reach allows us to bring a unique perspective and cater to a diverse range of clients, making us a leader in our industry.

From humble beginnings creating GameFi projects, we’ve evolved to uncover a new path to the limitless possibilities of decentralized technology. We are on a journey to discover and tap the unlimited potential of the Metaverse, Web3, GameFi, and NFT.



Nick Sun is a seasoned business executive with a degree in Business Administration and Management. He possesses exceptional abilities in leadership, strategic planning, finance, and effective communication. Nick has demonstrated his ability to inspire and lead teams, execute successful plans, and effectively communicate with stakeholders throughout his career.

Jackson Neo

CEO & Co-Founder

Jackson is a proven serial entrepreneur with over 15 years in Fintech sectors managing several multi-million dollars project. A veteran brand strategist, early blockchain adopter, decentralized evangelist, and a lifelong gamer, he’s passionate about creating awesome teams and powerful DeFi products. His go-to games include NBA 2K and Dota2.

Serhat Yanar

Chief Marketing Officer

Serhat is a co-founder of a successful crypto launchpad and played a key role at fundraising for many different projects. He oversees partnership relations in City Of Dreams by utilizing his large network of crypto and nfts business partners , venture capitals and KOLs.

Maestro Sim


Maestro has a successful track record of more than 15 years that includes high-profile leadership positions and recognized sales achievements in the Fintech sector. He spearheads the business and product development of our game through design thinking and collaborative ideation. He likes to think outside the box and dream up creative incentive models to keep players engaged. His favorite game is King of Glory.

Lucas Lu


Lucas is a highly creative writer and concept illustrator that builds both the game logic and metaverse that lays the foundation for our games. Directing a solid aesthetic across our games, he is a witty dreamer, adventurer, and above all, a true nerd gamer. His favorite game is Dune and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Karen Koy

Chief Operations Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Karen is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the protocol. She will oversee the operations and most of the departments to make sure it is running smoothly. With her experience and skills, meeting its goals and objectives will be ensured.

Brian Tan

Chief Strategic Officer

Brian’s expertise in strategizing for a several blockchain and GameFi protocols will make a huge impact on City of Dreams. In addition, his strong analytical, organizational, and communications skills will ensure the project’s operational initiatives and growth.

Siti Norsuri Hasifah

Chief Growth Officer

Siti Norsuri Hasifah is Defination Studio’s Chief Marketing Officer, who brings years of marketing and management expertise in the fintech and forex industry. With her visionary approach to marketing, she has forged an impressive track record of driving growth and elevating brand awareness.

Carlo Bernal

Chief Community Officer

Carlo has worked as a web designer and developer for over a decade, managing eCommerce firms all around the world, and contributed to incubating crypto and Gamefi projects like Age of Tanks, Kleerun, among others.

The Powerhouse Team

Building Better Together

Defination Studios has a long tradition of providing excellent service to its clientele. Taking pride in their work and a goal to exceed expectations at every opportunity, the company assembled a dynamic group of professionals who share a passion for excellence and a desire to achieve success. They strive to bring new perspectives, innovative ideas, and a tireless work ethic to everything that they do.

They strive to bring new perspectives, innovative ideas, and a tireless work ethic to everything that they do, With their diverse skills, knowledge, and personalities, bringing your visions into reality is an easy task.

Spencer Yong

Growth Officer

Ann Tuazon

Lead Project Manager

Ces Tuazon

Lead Community Manager

Patricia Sotong

Project Lead Coordinator

Maika Rabang

Creative Copywriter

Techie Nadong

Community Team Leader

Gabriel Lim

Data Tech Lead


Administration Manager

Perth Adrian Uy

Graphics Designer

Joseph Liu

Senior Front-End Developer

Zaxx Zhang

Junior Front-End Developer

Rusy Fang

Senior System Engineer

Yoyo Peng

Junior System Engineer

Mary Ma

UI/UX Designer

Kenneth Song

Project Manager

XiaoYue Guan

Assistant Project Manager