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In today’s dynamic landscape, navigating complex challenges and unlocking your full potential requires expertise, innovation, and a reliable partner by your side.

At DEFINATION Studios, we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions focused on empowering your business growth, from strategic consulting to cutting-edge R&D, efficient outsourcing, and rigorous compliance measures.

Our team of industry experts combines deep-seated knowledge with a passion for innovation, delivering tailored solutions that propel your success. Join us on your journey to thrive, and experience the difference a trusted partnership can make.


We provide expert guidance to individuals, startups, and enterprises navigating the complex world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies helping clients make informed decisions.


From creating custom smart contracts on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or other networks to developing decentralized applications (DApps), we bring ideas to life.


We organize virtual or physical conferences, meetups, and workshops within the blockchain and crypto space bringing together industry experts, thought leaders, and enthusiasts.


Networking is at the core of what we do. Our networking services connect stakeholders across the blockchain.


Outsourcing services allow you to leverage our expertise without maintaining an in-house team. By partnering with us, you gain access to skilled professionals while focusing on your core business objectives.


Our fundraising services assist blockchain startups and projects in securing capital.

The Blockchain to Government Conference (B2GC) held in January 2024 represented a significant milestone in Thailand's digital advancement.

This case study examines the emergence of B2GC as a significant driver in the transformation of Thailand’s economic environment and the promotion of digital empowerment.

The Thai Digital Wallet Scheme was implemented to drive Thailand’s vision for a digital future, to transform economic transactions, and to improve public services. The B2GC platform has emerged to actualize this vision by bringing together government entities, technology pioneers, and prominent figures in the industry.

Challenges in Adoption: Persuading stakeholders regarding the advantages of blockchain technology and its potential influence on the provision of public services.

Navigating the regulatory framework is crucial for ensuring compliance and promoting innovation within the business landscape.

The objective of this study is to address the technical obstacles associated with the integration of blockchain solutions into the current government infrastructure.

Collaboration & Strategic

We believe that working with like-minded organizations and a wide range of partners is the key to unlocking new opportunities and creating innovative solutions to achieve great success. Respect, trust, and dedication to excellence are the cornerstones of our relationships.

Meet Our Team

A group of diverse and dedicated individuals that provide high-quality work and excellent customer service, approaching projects from all angles, and defying all odds as we collaborate to give our clients the best results.

Jackson Neo

CEO & Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur in Fintech. Brand strategist, blockchain adopter, gamer. Creates teams, DeFi products. Loves NBA 2K, Dota2.

Serhat Yanar

CMO & CO-Founder

Co-founder of crypto launchpad, adept at fundraising. Manages partnerships in City Of Dreams, leveraging vast network in crypto, NFTs, VC, and KOLs.

Brian Tan

Chief Operations Officer

Dynamic Brian is the Chief Operating Officer with a strong track record of optimizing operations and driving organizational efficiency.

VC Low

Chief Strategic Officer

Forward-thinking, Chief Strategic Officer VC Low has a talent for developing and executing high-impact business strategies. Expert in market analysis, competitive positioning, and long-term planning.

MC Lin

Investment Officer

As an Investment Officer, MC Lin has an extensive experience in portfolio management, financial analysis, and investment strategy. He is proficient in assessing market trends, identifying profitable opportunities, and mitigating risks.

Daniel Tan

Business Development Officer

Daniel Tan has extensive experience in the field of strategic company growth. With his upbeat personality, Daniel is driving the development and execution of plans for the studio’s expansion.

Siti Norsuri Hasifah

Chief Partnership Officer

As the CPO Siti has extensive experience in forging strategic alliances and driving business growth. She is proficient in identifying and cultivating key partnerships, negotiating agreements, and managing collaborative projects.

Carlo B

Chief Community Officer

Carlo has worked as a web designer and developer for over a decade, managing eCommerce firms all around the world, and contributed to incubating crypto and Gamefi projects like Age of Tanks, Kleerun, among others.


Lead Growth Officer

Dynamic Growth Officer with a track record of scaling startups and established businesses. Expertise in market analysis, strategic planning, and revenue growth. Passionate about driving innovation and achieving sustainable growth.

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