Our Projects

We take pride in transforming visions into successful projects.

City Of Dreams

An interdimensional city that fully integrates the virtual world and the real world, enabling members of the general public to open businesses within the metaverse without requiring them to possess the knowledge or resources necessary for IT development.

Within the City of Dreams, the general populace can carry out a genuine flow of goods and services, which enables them to both spend and earn money within the metaverse. Because of this, aspiring “cryptopreneurs” would have a better chance of capitalizing on this trillion-dollar industry, which would make everyone’s dream come true.

City of dreams will provide several key features to individual users and businesses wanting to build their presence on the metaverse onboarded to our platform.

Bluewheel Mining

Bitcoin mining is infamous for wasting enough electricity to add 40 million tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere a year—but now, we’ve developed a greener and profitable, new strategy.

Bluewheel Mining lets NFT holders act as a shock absorber for new renewable power, buying energy when it’s not needed and redirecting it to our mining operations. Bluewheel Mining is creating the world’s largest and most profitable decentralized mining operation backed by NFTs and renewable energy, owned by the people.

We are combining several new and promising technologies to create a business model for beginner and advanced users alike who want to profit from Bitcoin Mining without investing in expensive hardware or centralized mining operations.

By merging NFTs with user ownership of bitcoin mining operations and renewable energy, we can provide maximum daily profits, equity of hard assets, and long-term passive income.

Battle Arena Games Guild

Founded in 2018, Battle Arena is Southeast Asia’s biggest Esports giant. BAGG is its DAO GameFi Aggregator Guild with an online and offline Esports Ecosystem. Our platform is designed to be the ultimate, one-stop GameFi destination, allowing Crypto Gamers as well as Esports Gamers, Athletes and Influencers to connect and immerse themselves in the new Web3.0 era of NFT-powered gaming.

Battle Arena, Southeast Asia’s largest esports platform/community, has built a successful business around esports and traditional gaming.

The BAGG platform is the ultimate one-stop GameFi destination for traditional and esports gamers, GameFi gamers, physical gaming outlets, online gaming leagues, athletes, and KOLs to connect and build the future of GameFi.

Age Of Tanks

AGE OF TANKS is the First Military Strategic Metaverse and 3D turn-based strategy game, set in an immersive world, where gamers build & command their fleet of tanks to storm the battlefields in their quest to conquer Earth Zero! Mine resources, build your NFT tanks and defend your territory against thousands of other players that will try to outsmart you!

Inspired by successful games, such as Hearthstone and Axie infinity, the game combines the best of two worlds – a fun and exciting CCG PVE experience, a PVP competitive and social gameplay modes and activities as well as a decentralized item ecosystem through game items as NFTs and world-building powered with DeFi elements.