September 17, 2021

Age of Tanks

Age of Tanks is DEFINATION’s flagship GameFi project and is designed to allow our gamers’ community to determine many aspects of the game development, in aspiring greater engagement.


Creating a fun-filled and exciting 3D turn-based strategy NFT card game based on metaverse tanks.

  • Strategy

    Brand, Strategy, GameFi

  • Design

    Art Direction, Game Systems, Campaign


Play for Free.
Play to Earn.

Age of Tanks is not just a name on an idea board like many other Blockchain gaming projects, the early access demo gameplay version is already ready for gamers to try. After complete bootstrap, the intent now is to fund and build the team, further developing Age of Tanks so it becomes a commercial success introducing millions of gamers to the blockchain.

Tactics. Assemble. Neutralize. Kaboom. Superior


and Depth

We hope our gamers can have fun in the competitive aspect of finding and improvising strategies as the game evolves, while enjoying the fruits of their labor in ways that they would have never imagine, through winning tournaments, climbing the leaderboards, and crafting the best fleets!

Assemble. Outwit. Triumph.

The team

Our Core Team.

Project Management

— Maestro Sim

— Brian Tan
The Keymaker

— Jackson Neo
The One

Art Direction

— Kelvin Issey
The Architect

— Lucas Lu
The Oracle

— Taste of Blue

Game Development

— Tank 
Lead Game Developer


— Shaun Sung

— Kenneth Ang

— Yully Teo

— Adriaan
Captain Mifune

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